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Levin Royal 1953

This Guitar is in fine condition and has been kept by the original owner who bought it in 1953.

I have not seen a Levin Royal on this remarkable fine condition before.

The bright natural walnut on the back and sides are really truly beautiful and everything is as original ,the frets are in great shape and she plays really smooth.

She is a true collectors dream and a real player.

Check out the YouTube video here Please note in the video I say 1954 but its actually 1953.

For more information regarding Levin,

I would like to express my humble and sincere respect to Rikard who has dedicated many years and so much time to make this amazing page with information and images about Levin Guitars!

There is also a Documentary that Mr  Andreas Brink has made wish is really wonderful.

You can buy the film directly from him at this link!

I take off my hat for these 2 Gentlemen that has the passion!

Thank you!


Tech Specs

Brand name Levin
Model Royal
Year built 1953
Pickups Sholler
Condition 9.9
Mojos She has been really nicely kept by its prior owner who bought it new in 1953