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Levin Model LN26/163 Special

This is a extremely rare Guitar! check out the video

From what I know it is the only known model LN26/163 with a floating bridge.

This model was made with a traditional bridge and I have not found any other examples with a floating bridge!

It also have the neck and fretboard same as on the Orchestra Guitars Model 325.

And tuners same as Levin Model 325

It was a really great day and I was so happy to find this guitar.

With some more research and feed back from fellow Levin collectors it is our conclusion that this guitar was a custom order and is the only known Levin LN26/163 built this way.

For us collectors of Levin it is a real gem.

Tech Specs

Brand name Levin
Model LN26
Condition 9
Mojos She is one of a kind costume built in the Levin Factory