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Crafton Model 72 from April 1950

This Crafton Model 72 from April 1950,is unique.

See the 2 videos,

Only 3 Model 72 was built between 1 September 1945 and 27 December 1963.
The first one was made and signed off by the luthier 5 March 1948 and had a Florentine round cutaway and was shipped to Chile.
The Second one was made and signed off by the luthier 31 March 1950, and has a sharp cutaway but a different head.
This guitar was designed-Built and signed of by the luthier (Max Bernhard Wilfer*), April 1950 and its the only built pure model 72 with sharp cutaway, and is very unique.
Crafton made guitars and Mandoline’s between 1943-1962
The Workshop was located in Göteborg, same city as Levin guitars.
But they had no direct relation.
** Max Bernhard Wilfer Born 1895-04-05 Germany

Dead 1989-02-03 Jörlanda sn, Göteborgs och Bohus län

 Was educated in Mittenwald and graduated 1912 as a Luthier.

He served in 1st world war, and in 1919 accepted a position in Sweden for a company named Waidele, who also opened and owned Crafton Ab.

Tech Specs

Brand name Crafton
Model Model 72
Year built 1950
Pickups DE ARMOND 1100 FROM 1967
Condition 9.9
Serial no 16312