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About Guitars Mojo

As a guitar player myself,  I know you understand the magic when you see the vintage guitar you’ve longed for, and lay your hands on the strings. The special moment when you find the sound you’ve always searched for, but didn’t realise it until just then. This is my site dedicated to those special guitars. Some are for sale, whilst some are from my own collection.


Guitars Mojo are your perfect source for finding the vintage guitar of your dreams. I specialize in Levin guitars, and vintage guitars with mojo, but you will also find Fender, Gibson, Ibanez,Greco,Tokai,Burny,and many more guitar brands.

As knowledge is constantly evolving and new information comes to light! I don’t claim to know much! and if you feel that you have some new information that you want to share! I be very happy if you enlighten me with a private email!

If you have an old Levin or a Goya that you want to sell please email me with images and a price you have in mind.